Half Life 2 Revival at 14th August [2022]

It’s been 17 years since Half Life 2’s release and Gordon Freeman’s awakening from G-Man’s stasis. ‘Welcome to City 17, it’s safer here,’ were the lines that would greet us in those days of old.

Through the immersive graphics and versatile movement, to the gripping atmosphere and solid storytelling, the game turns a page into something more, something special.

But the question is to be put forth: should just accept the nostalgia and forget about those times of glory and greatness? Should we just keep the memory in the tightness of our minds and share it to none other than ourselves?

That is why the 14th of August, 17:00 EET, is the day of Half Life 2, where all veterans of this great game are urged to join in and play throughout the day. Livestream it, just play it, whatever you can do, just do it so we can make Half Life 2’s memory flare in the stats of Steam and the homepages of YouTube.

Let us revive this memory and revive the fires of the community once more. Such shouldn’t be bound just to playing the game as contributing with content on any platforms is the way forward.

But you’d say that you don’t even know this game, and so I’d would point a finger at you with a smile, as you’re in the right spot at the right time. Not having experienced this wonder of ingenuity is solace to my mind, as now you have the incredible opportunity to have a fresh experience in the magnificent world of Half Life 2!