Opulence: Shades of Passion

With each stroke of key, the writer tinkers hard on thee, with mind wandering the realm of free, he searches for words to suit the need.

But they stray and keep away, until he molds them like silty clay, ones of wisdom and hidden meanings, ones derived from endless dreamings.

Explore musings of romance through the depth of one’s heart and the sacrifices that would be done to ensure protection, to ensure love’s enteral pyre.

Fields of war and meaningless conflict painted truthfully through the eyes of soldiers, drowning in the mud of chaos and pain, while fighting for a cause their minds no longer see as true.

Magnificence of nature through the observable around us that’d go unnoticed to the everyday bustle of ignorance.

Core of society and its obscured contradiction for prosperity and happiness.

Genre: Poetry
Rating: M
Size: 38 pages