Editing & Writing & SEO


Website SEO

Your pages and posts require researched titles, content quality and meta descriptions with the appropriate keywords. When you have 100+ pages and posts to go through and optimize, or a constant production of new content, things become tricky.

  • Size: 100-200 characters
  • Pricing: $0.082/w

YouTube SEO

In order to be found, you need to put words people are searching for. If you don’t, you will not get the desired traffic. But it’s not only about SEO, since CTR and retention mandates the use of creativity that goes beyond the standard SEO practices.

  • Size: 50-250 words
  • Price: $0.042/w



Poetry is the lifeblood of expression, written paintings and prose. With so little it can create so much, and the results always differ from person to person, but the general idea just easily slides across when done right.

You can add poetry to anything: an article, a book, a social post, an ad campaign… The opportunities are limitless.

  • Use: Advertisements, art, social media, video segments, personal use for family & partner
  • Size: Unlimited
  • Price: $1.25 a line. Each extra stanza increases the price with $0.25 per line

Creative Extract

Make any post, any description, any advertisement rich and colorful to push your message across with ease and afterthought.

  • Use: SEO, social media, YouTube descriptions, advertisements
  • Size: 50-500 words
  • Price: $0.021/w


When something needs to be re-written in a different way or as to fix a calamity of issues.

  • Price: $0.038/w


This extends to articles, papers and anything that is not fictitious in nature.

  • Use: SEO, social media, YouTube descriptions, advertisements
  • Price: $0.048/w

Character Development

Characters are the lifeblood of a story, whether the protagonist who is the centerpiece or the antagonists who drive the tension and resolutions to the uncertain outcomes.

  • Major character
  • Price: $50
  • Minor Character
  • Price: $5


Planning the exact amount of words your story would be is next to impossible, but planning ahead is mandatory for a believable plot.

These are the expected sizes of what your story can be. They’re industry sizes, but that shouldn’t mean you can’t go above and beyond.

  • Short Story: 2 000-7 000 words
  • Price: $0.032/w
  • Novelette: 7 000-15 000 words
  • Price: $0.036/w
  • Novella: 10 000-40 000 words
  • Price: $0.044/w
  • Novel: 80 000-100 000 words
  • Price: $0.062/w


Ghost Writing?

When something is written for a client, it can be done so anonymously (ghost writing), so then the client can claim full credit for creating the work. This can be applied to any service, for an extra cost. But it doesn’t differ from what you’d usually get, as it only excludes crediting the original author (in this case Inlet).

  • Price: 3x on top the normal price

What about editing with the writing service?

Every writing service includes full-on editing. Whatever you’ve paid for will be delivered fully edited (this doesn’t include formatting for publishing, unless asked for).


You retain full ownership of your copyright that would be provided for writing services to Inlet. The only time Inlet can acquire rights to the finished material or material-in-progress is when the client forfeits payment or asks for a refund. That copyright only extends upon the work that has been done and nothing more.


Line Editing

Sentences carry bloat and confusion when they are drafted, and if they aren’t carefully considered and analyzed the problem usually remains. Line editing reduces confusion, removes contradicting ideas from the text (like Bob changing his eyes’ color from one paragraph to the next) and streamlining for a fully desired effect upon the reader.

In short, line editing ensures that your message will be understood, while also fixing any grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes.

  • Price: $0.022/w

Developmental Editing

The process of refining or generating ideas, expanding upon them, making sure they are consistent and fleshing the story or idea up. This includes scripts for movies, videos, articles; characters, worldbuilding and story plots.

Without this things can end up making no sense. Plot holes will occur and your idea will end up being generic and cliché.

  • Price: $54/hour

Copy Editing

Grammar, spelling and general readability of the text is what copy editing entails. It shouldn’t be confused with Line Editing, as here it’s all about fleshing out any mistakes, yet not considering issues of bloat or contradicting ideas.

  • Price: $0.018/w


Even if Copy Editing is meant to remove all errors, Proofreading is essentially the last step to fleshing out a manuscript or article. Little typos or grammatical slips can hide themselves in plain sight, which is why Proofreading is the backup of any perfection. It’s also good work-ethic after line editing or copy editing, a manuscript or article, to wait an X-amount of time before finalizing with proofreading.

  • Price: $0.012/w


Depending on how you want to publish your work, formatting takes the role of preparing it all for the desired delivery. This takes into account creating an Index for all your pages and their headers, your main page for Title, author and copyright, the style of your paragraphs in regards to indentation, spacing and page layout. It can be a gruesome process if you don’t have the right software or experience.

When publishing to Amazon, you’ll need a .pdf file for the physical distribution, and a Kindle e-book file that has to be separately formatted with Amazon’s software for digital distribution (not a smooth and fast process).

So Formatting is the last step before publishing to your readers, whether on a blog, on Amazon, to a prospective job or anywhere else.

  • Price: $0.75/page

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