Video Production

The process takes a lot of time, since the editor has to go through all the footage, choose the best parts and then attach them together with coherency and correct pacing. It can also be called a grind, since getting the right moments takes concentration throughout the whole ordeal of watching the recorded footage, whether from a camera, animation sequences or livestreams.

Video editing

You have all your footage in storage but now you have to put all of that jumbled mess together into a coherent story that would stream your idea across? Oh, we’ve done that countless times.

It’s always enormously helpful to have timestamps of highlights, when regarding long lengths of footage.

When something needs to be done perfect, it starts with the overall music and ambiance to which the footage is created or fitted to. Fitting is way harder as it requires a lot of tweaks left and right to make the scenes work, but it’s a viable method.

Sound design

Having your video footage ready and edited is one thing, but there’s an entire separate world that exists in the spectrum of Sound. It not only amplifies the atmosphere, it creates and solidifies it, as the icing on the cake is nothing without the cake, so is the cake nothing without the icing.

Sound design in regards to effects, in this case foley, can add more depth and life to your production, since the lack of sound effects, or just the presence of bad ones, can impact the message that’s meant to come across.

Visual Effects

Post production and VFX are a great tool in adding further detail, further life, further style to your message. It can also be in the form of additional overlays that give forth information to the viewer, hints or call to actions.

In your case you might want a fire effect, and explosion, rain, snow, camera shakes, screen distortions, overlay messages as lower 3-rds and so forth. It can all be done, it can all be completed.

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