Driver-Rig & Master Shape Keys – Bundle


Total non-bundle value of this bundle is $94

Some of the most powerful addons Inlet has to offer now bundled together, so you can mix greatness with your shape keys, and level up the control over your characters and objects.

Master Shape Keys

Master Shape Keys can separate a shape key into multiple individual shape keys. It also can merge or group them together, making things easier to manage. So go ahead and seperate both sides of a character’s lips, eyebrows, cheekbones and anything else for further expression and control.


A simple and necessary addon with a 3D UI that can set up shape keys to be driven by bones through an automated process. It can work on any model or mesh, including facial shape keys of any character.

Driver Exporter

Export armature drivers from Blender as object shape keys to Unreal Engine 5, Unity and so on…