Easy Bake 2 – Texture, UV, Procedural Materials and more


Version 1.3

  • Fixed bug in UV Map picker not changing the UV map baked from when using the Bake Queue

Version 1.2

  • The dynamic name “{slot}” now works better. Previously, when not using ‘Split Slots’, it would be blank (““). Now, it produces the name of the object’s material (when the object has only one material) or “MultiSlot” when the object has several materials
  •  Introduced the ‘Easy Life’ update that lets you bake from anything you want, including custom-grouped nodes and 3rd party shaders from addons (not compatible with the Bake Queue)

Version 1.1

  • Now has the option to autosave before baking, so long as the project has been saved once before. Enable in the addon preferences
  • Will now display when baking has finished in the terminal when using the Bake Queue. Go to Window > Toggle System Console
  • The cursor will now switch to ‘thinking’ when baking is taking place
  • Now able to find BSDF nodes even when nested inside of ‘Groups’. Having multiple BSDF nodes in one material will still cause issues!
  • Compatible only with Blender 4.0. If you wish to use 3.6, use version 1.0

Version 1.0

  • Re-wrote the entire code for use with the new Blender 4.0 version
  • Updated UI
  • Added the FEATURES to bake Alpha, Emission and Emission Strength maps (this also allows for exporting those textures as images outside of Blender for edits or direct implementations in Unreal, Unity… so hooray!)
  • Algorithm improvements and various bugfixes