Breaking the Half Life 2

On August 14 Markovas entered Half Life 2 in the combined effort of the entire community. The expectations were higher than the highest mountain peak. That number had to go over 12k+ and it seemed rather tricky.

Nevertheless, the bar was broken, City 17 was once again plagued by the infestation that was Gordon Freeman and the world was riled up once more. But will Markovas take the same path or he’d try to deviate and sabotage those set plans by the mysterious G-Man? #BreakingTheBar

Infiltrating Nova Prospekt took a lot of bugbait balls, and as Alyx Vance managed to find her father, Eli Vance, Gordon was now faced with the catastrophe of going back to the nefarious Kliener’s Lab.

Breen was fed-up with the amount of rebellion in the streets of C17, and his overlords were not happy with his results. This had to end fast.

As Markovas survives the calamities of Half Life 2, the explosion at the top of the Citadel, disgusting vortigaunts decide to touch him with their writhing fingers.

But all of that is topped with Kleiner’s new mission of going into the dying Citadel and finding something that once belonged to him…