An old school gamer who’s been living in competitive Half Life, TF2, Rust, CS:GO and WoW for a big part of his existence.

His goals are unknown, tho one thing is certain, the challenges setforth will one day bring him to guaranteed madness.

Schedule: sometimes at weekends
Events: pending

Moments’ Grail

Operation Rosenberg

The objective was to apprehend Rosenberg, but the soldiers assigned to the task were not the most competent.


Driving recklessly, Markovas crashed in a desolate city whose inhabitants could only be heard in screams of the distance.

Breaking the Bar

On August 14 Markovas entered Half Life 2 in the combined effort of the entire community. The expectations were higher than the highest mountain peak. That number had to go over 12k+ and it seemed rather tricky.


Father Grek was brought awake by a sudden breeze of gasoline-lessness, upon a marvelous city with a tall spire wherein he thought his destiny resided, but fates had a different taste to his future, one of rats, one of stench, one of being called ugly by a filthy loser.

Out of the Matrix

No matter how you look at the rock, no matter how hard you try to rationalize its existence, you will always have the nagging question if this is real and if all it would take is a splash of water across the face to crack the illusion.