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Animation fuels the future of our world, as the digital realm has entered our very lives, but its creation takes time and effort of different categories of skill.

Examples vary between first person animations for video games, sequence animations to be used for running, walking, idling; overlay effects; particle effects; presentations with amplified emphasis and so on.

Yet complexity comes with production of videos meant to tell a story, pitch an idea or a product. Those are the hardest to make as they take in-depth planning and careful execution.

When you compare the animation processes for video games and for studio productions, the distinction between the two is that video games focus on sequences that look acceptable, while a production animation focuses on overall setting and message.

When creating animation media the process becomes quite long, as now you have to take into consideration sound design, script quality, creative ideas and 3D assets which usually have to be made or acquired for the specific purposes.

  • Categories: First person, third person, media production, advertisement, presentation


Mesh is the particle of creation in the modeling world, and it can take upon infinite forms of everything that already exists in our world, and everything that exists in one’s imagination.

It needs to be planned, shaped and optimized for usefulness to be made available, since bloated mesh can result in bad rendering performance in studio software and video games.

More complexity doesn’t usually mean something is better, since one can do much more with much less. The process of creation is a long one.

When modeling it’s important to plan out where textures would be mapped seamlessly, where control over certain parts of the model would be utilized with drivers or baked-in animations.

When you think of a model, don’t just assume it’s static, lifeless mesh. A useful model is one that can be controlled to do what you want it to do, whether pressing keys on a keyboard, moving a car’s steering wheel or a fan spinning and turning.

  • Categories: objects, people, vehicles, animals
  • UV mapped, textured, optimized, rigged


Everything Inlet creates and that you’ve seen up-to-now has been originally made. Use of other, non-original assets would follow their licenses for full licensing compliance. This entails documents of any purchases and agreements that are to be provided when necessary.

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