The Divide

Set just in the beginning of the nuclear apocalypse, with some unrealistic starting scenes which for me act as visual creativity. What follows is the dwindle of humanity in survival’s grasp. The experience crawls through the apocalypse and the struggle of remaining human, keeping your moral compass.

Don’t let the ratings fool you, those critics don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. Yea, the movie is not perfect, but it managed to portray so much, so damn much in such an enclosed and restricted space.

The movie shows how survival can change people, while how fear could serve as an excuse to do inexplicable vileness devoid of empathy. Step by step humanity is being skinned dead or alive, until those weakest choose the easy path and forsake themselves, while those strong keep to their values until their last breath of toxic air.

I don’t understand the point, where people mention that characters would act illogical and inconsistent. Well, of course characters would start losing their minds, as their bodies and lives begin decaying in front of their own blurry eyes. When you become the symptom of death, how would you keep to your sanity?

Do you know why soldiers in World War 2, or any other wars, would commit atrocities and crimes against humanity? They didn’t care anymore, as they knew they were sent out to die, as they knew their lives were soon to be over, soon to be forgotten. Such brings the worst in people and causes them to become animals, especially those in penal battalions.

It’s a heavy movie with ample amounts of disgusting scenes, simply because they’re realistic and that is exactly what amplifies the terror within. Recommended to those with strong guts. Banned to those equal to the mouse and elephant.