All Half Life Endings Animated

Revisit the world of Half Life through the animated endings that will bring you back to nostalgia lane, or introduce you to something magnificent.

Freeman was just a theoretical physicist, working at Black Mesa in the pursuit of bettering humanity by researching teleportation and technology. Never would’ve he expected to have seen all the horrors that hid behind closed doors or the extends of his own government of shutting everything down after that catastrophic Resonance Cascade day.

Shephard was just a a corporal, part of the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit (HECU), stationed in the Santego military base close to the Black Mesa Research Facility. He was part of a containment team meant to shut down any disaster that could occur in there, tho nobody ever knew what truly hid within.

Barney was just a security guard. Most of the time he had to cater to incapable scientist who’d lock themselves in their offices or unable to use simple elevator buttons. Yet, he enjoyed the simplicity of his job as there never was really and serious danger, until the day of days came and destroyed everything.

Walter was just a scientist who was Rosenberg’s assistant. Through sheer perseverance and luck he managed to escape the facility of Black Mesa using an old teleport within the abandoned Prototype Labs. Of course he would’ve never made it if it were not for Barney Calhoun’s courageous heart and for his colleges minds and capabilities.

Gordon Freeman, Adrian Shephard, Barney Calhoun, Walter Bennet and the mysterious G-Man who’s running the entire disaster of Black Mesa and beyond. These are their stories told through lens you’ve never seen before, the lens of survival, the death of freedom, the means of the end.