Bai Ganyo: Incredible Tales of a Modern Bulgarian

A tale in English , released in 1897, about the modern Bulgarian, modern at that time, for his journey around Europe and his attempts of selling his expensive rose oil, which he keeps safe on his bulky belt.

Author: Aleko Konstantinov

But don’t be misguided as he is no ordinary Bulgarian. He’s the face of vulgarity, illiteracy, ego and manipulation. It’s all about his ends being met, and everyone else for him is lesser.

The way he hides his stupidity is through deceit, which is one of his strongest traits. He can conjure any story, get himself out with any excuse, lure anyone in with promises of pink elephants.

Do not see this story as a dark and empty place, as it is a comedy! I’ve laughed my guts out in certain chapters, due to the brilliance of dialogue and situations.

Bai Ganyo: the qualities of all which must never be allowed to live in you.