10k Subs YouTube Milestone

Inlet reached the milestone of 10k subs after 3 years with over 300 videos on YouTube, exciting! It all started with Freeman You Fool which…


Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Father Grek was brought awake by a sudden breeze of gasoline-lessness, upon a marvelous city with a tall spire wherein he thought his destiny resided, but fates had a different taste to his future, one of rats, one of stench, one of being called ugly by a filthy loser. But in …

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Half Life 2 Revival at 14th August [2022]

It’s been 17 years since Half Life 2’s release and Gordon Freeman’s awakening from G-Man’s stasis. ‘Welcome to City 17, it’s safer here,’ were the lines that would greet us in those days of old.