Mallet: Modular Asset Manager


The .zip doesn’t install in Blender

  • Please un-zip the archive and install the .py script. Please enable file extensions if you can’t see it.

How do I activate an addon?

Will this work with other modular asset packs I have or will have?

  • Of course, it was made with that in mind.



3D Viewport ‣ Sidebar ‣ Mallet

Make Module Object
Enters “Access Point Editing” mode (on object that was selected when the button was first pressed) for as long as the button shows up red. In this mode, Shift + Left Mouse Button will add an Access Point to the object. This can be moved and rotated to an appropriate position. Press Enter or the button again to confirm. Pressing the ESC (escape) key will cancel.

X should point out (away) from the ‘entrance’. Z should point Up and Y should point Left, when looked at from ‘inside’ the object, in the direction X is pointing.

Edit Access Points
This is the same as “Make Module Object” but shows when the selected object already has Access Points. When clicked, the objects current Access Points will appear.