Opulence: Shades of Passion

Explore musings of romance through the depth of one’s heart and the sacrifices that would be done to ensure protection, to ensure love’s enteral pyre. Fields of war and meaningless conflict painted truthfully through the eyes of soldiers, drowning in the mud of chaos and pain, while fighting for a cause their minds no longer …

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Mr Reaper: Coiled Fates

The year is 2089 and the world has blossomed with technology and stability. Wealth is spread across the globe and control over the environment is now a reality.

Writing Deceptive Language

Deception is a tricky area to try to show through writing, but in writing can deception be seen and understood best, just that…

Why Learn Creative Writing?

Imagination is the realm to creativity, and it’s possible to get there with Creative Writing, but how do you even start?

Protagonist Basics

Any story requires a central protagonist, one to walk the Hero’s Journey that would grab the hearts of your readers and…

Character Triads

Learn about the triad of Logos, Pathos and Ethos, and how to utilize a combination incredible storytelling and adventure!

Hopping Heads

Hopping heads is a problem that many new authors fall victims to. Fixing this problem after the book is done spells disaster…