Text Word Art

The default rendering process in Blender is pretty awful and user unfriendly due to the many settings and options, not to mention the buggy sliders that are meant to reduce on increase framerate, which usually results in broken animations. And if you want to bulk render, it doesn’t even exist.

With the retro word art of yesterday that gleams in nostalgia and character that you might remember as text art, Word Art calls forth from the past that same style of text for use in Blender.

Using the Text tool in Blender, 3 fonts and some nodes, you’d be given the opportunity for the creation of epic text with a tiny fraction of keyboard taps. Need not worry for making your own variations, since presets are also present that you can quickly pull and implement, while being able to alter or keep those preset variations.


Category: Text VFX
Blender: 2.83, 2.93, 3.x, 4.x
License: Royalty Free

Font pack includes:

  • 3 font files (.ttf, Open Font License)
  • 23 font presets
  • 24 procedural materials

Don’t dwell further and just cherish all the potentialities upon which you can easily exert control so that your word art would take the best shape, the best form, the best result for your animations, thumbnails, covers or animated text.