UI Skin & Productivity Workspaces Layout

Freshen up your Blender UI with this new reskin for easier and smoother workflow with the cosy color of light purple and golden text that emphasizes on what’s important around the new Workspace.

This pack includes
– UI color redesign
– Productivity Workspaces for animation, modeling, texturing and rendering


Category: UI skin, workspace
Blender: 2.6x, 2.79 (has only the UI), 2.83, 2.93, 3.x (has both)
License: Royalty Free

Since Blender doesn’t have the presets for the type of workspaces, such was created for maximum efficiency for use of 2 monitors, while the One Window workspace is for those less blessed and having only 1 monitor in use, or if only on a laptop.

Combine your workflow for Animation, Rendering, Texturing and Modeling under the banner of maximum efficiency that lacks any bloat you’d have had before, all painted sweetly by the UI reskin.

No longer you’d need to dig up required sections or search the internet for the right one, as everything necessary is already implemented for you to use. Everything is followed by consistency: from mesh generation to composition.