Better Call Saul

Takes place before the events of Breaking Bad, before the destruction caused by selfishness of great minds. Better Call Saul explores Jimmy’s evolution to how he became the sleazy lawyer who everybody knows: Saul Goodman.

This series is unlike its predecessor, but it provides so much more in its difference and uniqueness. The antagonism is endless, while everything moves fast in unpredictable scenarios. Seeing the old characters, younger in Better Call Saul, have more depth and importance, it just bring joy to the eyes.

It’s never just about Slippin’ Jimmy, Chuck the Manipulator, Gus the Chicken Man, Tuco the Insane, Hector the Sick and others unmentioned. There have been scenes where I was left so uncomfortable from the atmosphere of intimidation and impatient violence that I’d just want to take a break away from these unsavory faces of power.

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