As mentioned in Breaking Bad’s post, this show’s opener is quality unrestricted. The actions are set in England, where major issues regarding the world are being given torque. The plot points are not simple, as they’re continually built through the exploration of each episode.

Where is Jessica Hyde? We are left wondering who that is, where she is and why is she being searched for. But in reality, Jessica Hyde is just a small piece of the overwhelming issues the world of Utopia is built upon.

If you think you’d be having fun and snorting by watching this series, you’re dead wrong, as it is realistic, gruesome, unapologetic and gory. The viewer is desensitized by the constant presence of death, since death is viewed as natural and normal, as the ends justify the means.

“Most torturers tend to have their favorite areas of the body to work on. Genitals, teeth, soles of the feet. But me, it’s the eyes. Chillies, sand, bleach, a spoon. I’m going to rub chillies into your eyes. Then sand. Then bleach. Then I’m going to use the spoon. Do you know what I’m going to do with the spoon?”

If this extract of dialogue didn’t get you to make discolored liquids on your chair, then this is the show you must enter the world of. Otherwise, get as far as possible, since this scene is the tip of what finds way to the screen.

Nonetheless, this show is nothing like torture porn. Do not make such a misguided assumptions.