Breaking Bad

Takes the top of the list in the ‘Series’ section, as this show really stuck up to me in the aspect of psychology, manipulation and the cost of success. The most baffling part of the show was the main character Walt, who actually turned to be someone entirely different than expected. He had a split!

One would say that he was always like that, but it is false. The events that happened got his shadow to cease its cowardice and take charge. Sometimes money isn’t everything, sometimes a normal life isn’t enough, and sometimes living is defined differently.

The show has a strong beginning, one suitable on the range of power with that of Utopia, as it shows us what the plot points are going to be just in the fresh moments of the first episode. This is something every director, author and editor should take heed in, as it is the most influential tool of hooking viewers.

RV, gas masks, bodies in liquid and chemistry sets, desert road and wet money, what does it all mean? Well, the only way to understand the scope of what has happened and is happening is by watching the show.

It is genius, while the show is precious!