Band of Brothers

Well, you know history so you should have the basic insight to how it all played out in ancient Europe. The series follows the journey of E company from the beginning of WW2 in Europe to its end with the fall of Berlin and the capitulation of Nazi Germany.

War is not a playground, and the harsh training, unfair treatment and hostility is what is considered the tempering for E company for the horrors of war to come.

There is no amusement, only death and suffering. Soldiers are brought to do inhumane acts, otherwise they’d die. The enemy is just like them, human, but no matter how old, big or small, if the enemy has a gun in their hands, they can cause tremendous damage.

Heroism is what the series shows, as well as the degeneration of men’s minds. Only the strongest get to keep their clarity, the leaders of platoons and squads who would charge together with their men, in front of the fray of slaughter.