Continual Root Motion

A Motion Tutorial that shows how you can seamlessly loop ‘root motion’ from an animation. This has several uses,

Grease Pencil Collections

Blender’s Grease Pencil generates lots of layers, so now you need an addon to group and organize them for maximum efficiency of your workflow and…

Objects Parenter – Constraints

Create a cycle of actions: your object will follow a consecutive path without losing its coordinates in comparison to default Blender’s addon…

How to review my Gumroad purchase?

Find your Orders by going to your Dashboard > Library. Then find the product you want to review, open it and select the rating you think it deserves.

Weapon & Impact Particles

VFX with particle systems for weapons, impacts and collisions for surfaces of metal, wood, concrete, flesh, glass packed in a Blender plugin…

Text Word Art

Inspired by the retro WordArt from the past with its stylish and colorful expressions (also known as text art), Text Word Art aims to bring back that style of text in the 3D plains of Blender through the 3D-in-built text tool.

Hay Bale – Rounded

Have you ever had an idea for a rounded hay bale that you can use for your video or poster? Well, take a look at this straw-compressed beauty ready for your field, for your farm, for your living room!

Should I Learn Blender?

So what can you do in Blender? Well, you can make 3D models, animations both 2D (Grease Pencil) and 3D, rendering, compositing (VFX), motion tracking, rigging and…