Modular Body Groups


Location: Blender Market

Just a fantastic addon that’s going to be an absolute lifesaver for the many characters I’m going to need to make for a YouTube channel I’m starting. It basically allows me to jam a bunch of different body or costume pieces onto an armature and pick which parts I want to be a part of my new character. Want a jean jacket with Bermuda shorts and combat boots? That’s like, three clicks. Switch it to barefoot, tank top, leggings, and sombrero? Okay that’s weird, but yeah. Three or four clicks.

You can make an item so it’s exclusive. Only one pair of shoes for the feet at a time. Like your mom taught you how to dress. It’s just sensible.

OR make it non-exclusive — so breastplate can either go with chainmail shirt, cloth shirt, padded shirt, or nothing underneath. The latter sounds chafey, but some people are into that sorta thing. Who am I to judge.

And then there’s dependent, which I’m still figuring out. I think that’s so your character setup can combine various thigh-high sexy elf boots only with other various sexy elf miniskirts. And that’s just nostalgic. Like how grandma used to dress for Christmas dinner. But those boots might not work well with a plate steel troll combat-hoopskirt, which is… I mean c’mon. Is that how your character’s going to present himself? It’s tacky, have some taste. Hoopskirts go with penny loafers, don’t be dumb.

Anyway, I’m still learning the ropes but so far it seems like a great addon. Worth getting the Pro one for what I need it for. Please please please keep developing this thing. Thank you.