Continual Root Motion

A Motion Tutorial that shows how you can seamlessly loop ‘root motion’ from an animation. This has several uses, the most common of which is getting continual ‘forwards’ motion from a walk animation, with the ability to stop, start and mix it with other animations without changing the model’s position in space.

If you have a model with an animation which moves that model through 3D space by an arbitrary amount, the processes set out in this video will help you; it’s an insight of how I’ve made the Blender animations on this channel.

If you still don’t have Blender, know that it’s open source and free to use software that you can utilize for 3D creation like modeling, animation, rendering, compositing (VFX), motion tracking, 2D animation (Grease Pencil), rigging and simulations, texturing. It’s time to get it on your machine –