Disco Cascade

After the catastrophe which was the Resonance Dance Chamber, the scientsits of the Black Mesa Research Facility, and the crew from Half Life VR but the AI is Self Aware, had to find another way to go around the rules and have fun after all the laborious work of numbers, formulas and equations.

This content is fictional and has artistic value with mild, dramatized fictional violence. Mentions of pharmaceuticals is in the form of health, judging from the shot of the First Aid station, and also known from the game #HalfLife upon which this music video is based upon.

This time, this led them to the strangest of places: the server room. There were scientists on their night shift, so even if a giant party was being blow around them, they had to fulfill their obligations.

In between the towers of computers, monitors, working scientists and controls were the heavy mass of partying intellectuals spreading their calculators of entertainment.

But amidst the many labcoats of familiar colors, are the faces of Coomer, Tommy and Bubby, with a sprinkle of Benrey the Server Club Bouncer. Throughin all the noise and bass, will this new type of cacophony and destruction find its prohibition just like the Resonance Dance Cascade chamber?

Tune up those speakers and enter the underworld of the Black Mesa Research Facility!

Music – Cold Rise, Detour, Lola, Dizzy, Space Trooper, Devil’s Organ