Under the Yoke

Crafted by the Bulgarian author Ivan Vazov, this book is set before and during the Bulgarian National Revival in which Bulgaria used to be enslaved by the Ottoman Empire until the near-end of the 19th century, or the year 1878.

Author: Ivan Vazov | Release Date: 1888

It follows the lives of normal people and others with the burning seed of revolution and defiance against the world as it is. Fighting is seen as futile by those who have lived under the iron yoke for hundreds of years. Such is what living under the yoke was and meant.

But then, as the influence of poetry and ideas grew, the normal people turned to the imagery of freedom and equality, thus, finding it in themselves to conjure the image of unshackled lives-impending in the spring of the April Uprising of 1876.

View ‘Under the Yoke’ as a time machine into the past-depicted of the brimming days of craved freedom. Slavery had ended in USA in 1865, so such occurring in old Europe was a matter of time, power and blood.

I want you to think about it, slavery was acceptable just 130+ years ago in Europe and it was considered normal. Let that sink in.