Volumetric Light & Smoke Effects Pack


The .zip doesn’t install in Blender

  • Please un-zip the archive and open the .blend project.

Is this an addon (script)?

  • No, it’s a plugin that uses a .blend file that has all the assets, textures and logic (node groups) inside for direct use. You can copy any of them over to any of your projects, while also preserving their original functionality. Before use, un-zip the archive.

Real time preview?

  • If you have issues in Blender 3.1 with real-time previews, then just enable playback and you will see changes instantly.

Can I use this in Cycles?

  • Yes you can, but the intended uses shown on the demo video are different in regards to the partial smoke particle effect. Because the lights are 2D, this also reduces render times and allows for fast previews. 

Is this hard to use?

  • Provided you know the basics of Blender and have watched the tutorial for this pack, you shouldn’t have any issues using the assets.