Should I Learn Blender?

You might be wondering to yourself if Blender would be the right tool you should invest your time into learning and getting used to, since maybe there’s other such software out there that outperforms it?

The first step to making the right choice is by looking at all the available options and choosing the path that makes most sense. Well, with Blender being FREE entirely and getting active support by the awesome Blender Foundation team, I’m not even sure if you should be doubting anything in regards to this incredible piece of software.

So what can you do in Blender? Well, you can make 3D models, animations both 2D (Grease Pencil) and 3D, rendering, compositing (VFX), motion tracking, rigging and simulations, texturing.

The learning curve is rather steep, and you will get confused by all the functions and tools the software offers, but if you remember to focus on 1 thing at a time, you will slowly digest all the information and put it into practice. Do not try to learn everything at the same time as your brain will rebel and successfully evict your moxie pretty fast.

Instead of making everything from scratch, you can take advantage of things that are already made and learn upon those assets. Only when you become good enough should you walk the path of level 0 creation, since that requires solid foundations and understanding of the tools you’d use.

There’s tons of addons and assets out there that also add additional functions to Blender’s workflow, many of which can be easily explored on Blender Market. We ourselves have made quite some addons and plugins for anyone to take advantage of.

What you should remember is the nature of the license Blender has, which is GPL (General Public License). This means that anyone who gets the software now owns it under the GPL license. This means you can do whatever you want with it, but with the only limitation that you have to keep the license GPL in regards to any potential commercial activity you might undergo.

This in turn opens limitless opportunities and freedom, since the sky is the limit with full access to the source code. When issues arise with proprietary software, you are not allowed to see under the hood and troubleshoot and fix the issue yourself. If the problem is too tricky or the company not interested in helping you out, you could potentially lose a lot of progress or would be forced to pay big amounts of money as to make the company interested in solving the problem.

So you’re a beginner or someone who wants to transition from the software options that are destroying your bank account?

Don’t hesitate and join the Blender community TODAY –